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Answers About Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine

Question: What are the advantages of biofeedback treatment?

Answer: Biofeedback is non-invasive and does not involve the use of medication. Compared to other forms of treatment there is no concern about side effects, and the skills you learn can be used to prevent symptoms rather than simply treat them. Since it teaches self-regulation, biofeedback can increase your sense of control over symptoms and help you become a more active participant in your medical care. Biofeedback can enhance or replace other forms of treatment such as medication or surgery, in a case where using medication or more invasive treatment is not possible or desirable. The duration of treatment associated with biofeedback is limited to the time it takes you to successfully learn self-regulation. This means there are no ongoing costs as there would be with other forms of treatment, and possible reduced costs in the form of doctors office visits and missed days at work.